School Renaming Ceremony - September 29th

In consultation with the ḥaaḥuupc̓amis Cultural Council, Hupacasath, Tseshaht and NTC, SD70 will be honouring the national day of Truth and Reconciliation with the renaming of AW Neill Elementary to c̓uumaʕas Tsuma-as Elementary School. We will be hosting a renaming ceremony at c̓uumaʕas Tsuma-as Elementary School starting at 10:30am on Wednesday, September 29th. 
The event will be live streamed by Shaw TV so that all SD70 schools and will be available for all community members who prefer to watch from their homes rather than be physically present. 
The event is tentatively set to be aired again on Shaw TV’s Community spotlight: Wednesday Sept 29 at 6:30pm and Thursday Sept 30th at 10:30am; 4:30pm; 7:30pm. 
We will have light refreshments at the renaming ceremony and there will be limited seating for guests. As it is an outdoor ceremony, please dress for the weather.